Gifted & Talented

The Gifted Center at Kyffin

Gifted Centers are alternative placements for highly academic students. It is a program for students that could benefit from a full-time program with other accelerated peers. The curriculum moves at a fast pace, with emphasis on higher level thinking skills and a thematic approach to content areas.

Should my child be tested?

Outstanding performance and motivation for academics compared to age-mates are indicators of giftedness. Though giftedness has a broader meaning than just academics, there are some common characteristics.

The application and testing process usually occurs from November through February for the following school year. For more information or an application, contact The Execeptional Student Services Office at 303-982-6650 or visit the Jefferson County website.

The below document is a handbook that goes into detail about charateristics of children with gifted potential.


JeffCo Association for Gifted Education presents a free seminar - "Switched On and Thriving" with P. Sue Jackson. Click HERE for more information

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