Gifted & Talented

The Gifted Center at Kyffin

Gifted Centers are alternative placements for highly academic students. It is a program for students that could benefit from a full-time program with other accelerated peers. The curriculum moves at a fast pace, with emphasis on higher level thinking skills and a thematic approach to content areas.

GT Parent Newsletter (updated monthly): Spotlight on GT Learners

Gifted & Talented Information Night Recording

GT Teachers at Kyffin

1st Grade - Kristy Mueller
2nd Grade - Willow Seely (George)
3rd Grade - Jenn Archibald 
4th Grade - Susan Kelly
5th Grade - Andrea Pless
Social Emotional Learning Specialist - Joy Hetzler 
Resource Teacher - Anna Voth

Important GT Resources:

JeffCo GT Center Program Website 
Kyffin Social Emotional Learning Website
Gifted Center Program Expectations Annual Agreement 

Advanced Learning Plans (ALP) Information

Gifted and Talented Identification and Assessments

Referral and Center Application

Parent and Family Gifted and Talented Resources

Jefferson County Association for Gifted Children- JAGC

CogAT Explained - Parent Information