Gifted & Talented

The Gifted Center at Kyffin

Gifted Centers are alternative placements for highly academic students. It is a program for students that could benefit from a full-time program with other accelerated peers. The curriculum moves at a fast pace, with emphasis on higher level thinking skills and a thematic approach to content areas.

The Fall 2020-2021 GT Center Application closes on October 14, 2020.  Parents interested in having their child GT tested need to fill this out.  This DOES NOT mean a school change unless you are interested in a center school.  This signs ALL students, K-8th, up for GT testing at Creighton Middle School on October 10, 24th or 31st.  Application link can be found below 

2020-21 Fall GT Center Application

GT Teachers at Kyffin
1st Grade - Kristy Mueller
2nd Grade - Willow Seely (George)
3rd Grade - Jenn Archibald 
4th Grade - Susan Kelly
5th Grade - Andrea Pless
Resource Teacher - Anna Voth

Click here to access the JeffCo GT Center Program Website 

Gifted Center Program Expectations Annual Agreement 

GT Parent Learning Opportunities 2019-2020